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horse transport

Horse Transport

Local & National Horse Transport

Eastern Horsebox horse transport service aims to be the best available in the UK with the utmost importance placed on the safety and comfort of your horse/pony. We know that our equine friends can be unpredictable, and this, together with the varying road and traffic conditions that we may meet en route, means that we must take special care to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

To this end we will only transport horses with an experienced and qualified driver AND groom on board at all times, as recommended by DEFRA.

Eastern Horsebox Hire offer a premier transport service at a price that represents real value that includes;

We have a window between the cab and stalls so we are able to see and hear our passengers at all times, and in addition we make regular stops throughout the journey to enter the stalls and check that your horses / ponies are travelling comfortably, and offer water, hay and apples if needed.

We will keep you updated on our progress and estimated time of arrival.

We are:

WATO Licenced Level 3
DEFRA Approved
Fully Insured

All drivers and grooms hold Competence Certificates for horses in transit.

We aim to be as flexible and as accommodating as possible and therefore we offer a variety of load types including shared, returns, individual & dedicated.

In addition we have formed close relations with two of the UK's most established and reputable international horse transporters, allowing us to offer a complete worldwide horse transport service.


Horse transport - Yard Moves/ Sales/Transfers to new owners
Vet Appointments
Show Transport- with experienced help and support at the show/competition if needed
Grouped local loads

Description of load types

Dedicated Load: This service offers our clients the opportunity to have their horses/ponies transported to destination ASAP on a non-shared direct route load, Due to it being a short notice service the client will be charged for the complete journey from our base and return. As we are not looking to find any linked loads we aim to be able to offer a dedicated load to be on route within 24hrs if required. (Availability depending)

Shared Load: This service offers our clients the opportunity to have their horses/ponies transported to destination on a linked load throughout the UK and therefore allows the cost to be shared between clients. We will search through our database within a 50mile radius of the collection or delivery address to allow us to find a load which will share. This service may take us very slightly off route at times to allow us to collect and deliver the accompanying horse/pony. We generally have a waiting list of loads to share, however it does depend on which part of the country the sharers are heading to so this will reflect on how soon we can put a load together. We aim to be able to offer our return/outgoing load to be on route within 1-3 weeks.

Individual Loads: This service offers the client to have their horses/ponies transported on a non-shared direct route load, Should the client only have one horse/pony that they wish to travel on this individual load there will be an additional charge for applied for one empty stall. We aim to be able to offer our return/outgoing load to be on route within 1-3 weeks. (Recommended for Stallions) International Shipping: We have working relationships with two of the most successful and respected international equine shipping companies, with these companies we have been successful in agreeing our very own shipping rate and working on this agreement we are able to provide the client with a very competitive quote should you need your horse/pony transported by air/sea. Payment Details We will require you to make a non-refundable percentage deposit payment once transport is confirmed and we will require payment to be made in full prior to loading.

Why Consider Us?

We are a small family business that takes extreme pride and care in what we do! Therefore we choose to operate in a manner that we feel is the safest/calmest way to transport horses/ponies, we only operate with 2 experienced and qualified personal on board at all times! It only takes an incident on the road or a simple fuel stop for some equine passengers to become unsettled or stressed! In the unlikely event the horsebox should a breakdown or the driver was to be taken ill on route we have a second pair of hands on board to ensure that when we arrive at destination our equine friends arrive calm and relaxed. In advance we have a dedicated transport operator check the routes to make sure we are using the most suitable roads/motorways. Throughout the journey we will make stops at various points to allow us to enter the stalls and check the horses/ponies are travelling comfortably, during these stops and with the owner's permission we will offer water/carrot/apple or another treat and contact all parties to update them on our progress and pass on our estimated time of arrival. We may not be the cheapest but we're certainly one of the best! Transport your horses safely not cheaply!!

Should you have any queries please contact us ASAP on 07793 402165 / 01449 614149

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